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mikemaddux wrote:I just want to go on record as saying that there is at least one person out there who is considering the Niche but who never makes espresso. Will there be a review for this lonely person (me)?
You are not alone! I am wondering if this is on par with the Vario or Forte BG, which are regarded as the best home brew grinders at a similar price range. However I prefer the simplicity and design of the NZ much more than Baratza's products. Just waiting to hear some comparisons.

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For those interested in the grinder's durability, a data point.

I took the grinder to the Chicago/Milwaukee meetup at Michael's home, and gave it an inadvertent drop test -- grinder in a gym bag on a concrete driveway -- the toggle on the toggle switch snapped off, it's metalized plastic, otherwise the grinder is no worse for wear. I haven't been using the toggle switch, since the lid acts as a switch as well; so I'm not very interested in replacing it. I will check out how to go about replacing it though. My guess is that a heavyweight commercial grinder might not have done as well
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Hope you can get it sorted out cheaply. I've traveled around quite a bit with mine and it has held up beautifully.

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The grinder is en route to Gary; who'll give it his own take.
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EddyQ wrote:
The popcorning does get annoying every now and then when a single bean bounces around for what seems like 20 seconds. And the dial gets covered with bean pieces over time. Although, the trick of using the La Pavoni single basket works wonders and keeps the grinder dial much cleaner. I think the beans grind quicker too.
Could anyone provide more info on using a La Pavoni single basket for this purpose? Thanks!


#66: Post by TheN5OfOntario » replying to Lal »

Easiest is just grabbing yourself a can of Pringles chips and using the lid when you're done. The Pringles lid transparent so you can see what's going on, and it's super cheap, and you get chips.

Edit: The Pringles lid (or La Pavoni basket) goes on top of the beans inside the hopper/intake of the Niche Zero


#67: Post by Lal » replying to TheN5OfOntario »

Thanks :D that made sense as soon as I walked over and looked at the grinder. A fine excuse for eating more chips :P

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#68: Post by mivanitsky »

I think that the popcorning is entertaining, but since it may affect grind quality, I will try a lower baffle, like a Pringles lid.

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another_jim (original poster)
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I tried various gadgets and didn't notice the least improvement in the overall timing -- it takes longer to put in and remove a stopper/basket than to briefly lift the lid a bit near the end of the grinding to get the remaining beans to fall. I guess attaching a stopper to the lid might work fastest.

The popcorning is odd, since it doesn't happen nearly as much on conicals when the burrs are mounted horizontally. So I'm guessing it's because the burrs are tilted; but I'm not sure what the exact process is.
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#70: Post by jchung » replying to another_jim »

On the NZ, I always felt using a pringles lid was to keep the NZ cleaner rather than to improve grind times. Without a small lid of some sort, periodically a bit of coffee bounces out of the funnel area and onto the outer ring. Minor, but one less bit to clean.

I had actually considered designing a part which would be hinged on the polycarbonate lid and stop popcorning when the lid is closed as you mentioned above. But haven't gotten around to it yet.