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I am using mythos one.
To improve extraction flow while grinding very finely
I need at least a 75mm flat burr grinder.
I recommend a 75mm~85mm flat burr grinder
Conical burr grinders are not suitable for this method

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cannonfodder wrote:This unit is all stainless steel, double-walled, vacuum-sealed, and welded. It is manufactured for La Marzocco by an aerospace company that produces fuel lines for NASA
I thought I'd suggest an edit here - La Marzocco recently confirmed that this isn't true about the steam wand on the Micra. The steam wand is La Marzocco's "Cool Touch", which is no longer vacuum sealed and is produced in Italy. It's still double-walled and stainless steel. Only the Pro Touch steam wand is produced by the mentioned aerospace company in the US.