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Looking good, thank for your review


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Amazing detail, excellent review, thank you.

I bought a Cafelat Robot as a newbie, and love it so far. I started matching it with a Comandante grinder set at 6 clicks (12 with red click). I had real difficulty with that and found that pressure tailed off at the end of a shot, no matter how fine or less fine I went.

So I ended up biting the bullet and getting a Niche zero. That changed everything. I'm pulling an amazing shot.

Some notes:
-I start at about 7 psi, and tail off to about 5 by the very end.
-Going above 7 psi is pretty difficult
-They say it's very forgiving, and it is, but proper distribution, mixing your grounds before tamping and proper, flat tamping does still improve the shot.
-Pre infusion helps. Just keep some firm pressure on and wait at least 15s
-With my current beans, I'm doing a 15g to 33.5g water ratio. Lovely.

I'm still learning. Any other tips after longer term usage?

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You're welcome, and welcome to H-B! The followup is a good question to ask in the user experience thread.

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