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Paul L wrote:Any thoughts on the Brewtus II versus the original?
I've not seen the redesigned Brewtus, which according to WLL: "...features a brewing pressure gauge (in addition to a steam pressure gauge), a brewing pressure adjustment knob that is located behind the drip tray, and a no-burn steam wand." A cup rail is part of their "gift" package. After all the anticipation, I was hoping for more significant differences, such as 1F degree adjustments of the temperature control or option of a rotary pump.

(In terms familiar to the software development industry, I would designate it a "Brewtus 1.5" tweak release, but that's a marketing question. :lol:)
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I think that's fair Dan and I can see that some folk buy a refurbished MK-I and then add a new steam wand and portafilter gauge instead. With the Brewtus just being brought into the UK it all seemed an issue of luck or timing as I learned this, learned there were 2 new Brewtus II's in the UK for the next 4 weeks and at a good starting price. so, I just went for it and I'm in day 5 so early days.

It's good to have a machine from new that I would like to think will be with me for many years and, as a non-pro who has lived only with a Krups for years, a Gaggia Cubika for 6 months and then a Pavoni for 6 months I have to say that, for me personally, this is an awesome experience and a different league to my own experiences to date. It's the first time I have stopped feeling the need to go out of my way and visit the rare coffee shops that coffee folk seek out. More ot the point, when I do so I won't be feeling deflated when I get home.

So far, my own roast Ethiopian Djimmah have been a delight, I can taste Monsoon Malabar properly for the first time and it produces results it doesn't have a right to bought roasts that are known to have mixed reputations. As a roaster said to me a while ago, he knows that quite often people are not tasting the coffee he is tasting or necessarily getting all the quality in the cup. I would like to think I'm starting to get a lot further along that path now.
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Hey Paul,

I can comment a little on this one. I had a Brewus I but had to send it back as it was having some issues. During the time it was in for "the fix" the Brewtus II came online and I requested the I be replaced with a II. The obvious differences aside, I think that at their core they both execute how they are supposed to; essentially providing a digitally controlled double boiler which allows for a stable temp environment. At least that's what I bought it for. I'm happy with my temp stability at the grouphead and like yourself (iroast2, Macap and Brewtus II) I am more than happy with the end results.

In my opinion, at this level of espresso, the limitation is my skill-set more so than the "devices". I just got in a wild assortment of green and having a decent grinder and espresso machine allows me to focus on putting together an uber-shot blend rather than second guessing the variables of beans versus chrome.

Not sure if that was of any use, maybe not. But as a home roaster pulling on good machinery just know you are drinking better quality espresso than most everyone around you.


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Does anyone know where Todd Michael, formerly at Wholelattelove is now and how he can be reached?

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Sorry, no. Try calling WLL and asking for co-owner Todd Salzman, he would know. You may need to be persistent, he's quite busy and sometimes forgets to return calls.
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