Quickmill Andreja Premium


The water tap extends out from the side. The steam arm works equally well straight ahead or to the left side, so very little side-clearance is required. Allocating 24” of counter space for the Andreja Premium and a grinder allows for generous elbowroom.

Width: 11¼″
Depth: 17½″
Depth with portafilter in place: 22″
Height: 15½” (including one inch for cup guard rail)

Cup clearances, all measurements from the drip tray surface:

To bottom of grouphead: 5¼″
To bottom of double-spout: 3¼″
To bottom of single-spout: 3¼″
To bottom of portafilter (spout removed): 4″
To bottom of water tap: 4″

The cup warming tray is rectangular with a railing on three sides. Below are its dimensions:

Width: 8¼″
Depth: 9¾”

There is adequate space for three rows of cups, if you are willing to move them to refill the water tank. The cup warmer accommodates 12 standard demitasse cups in three rows and can squeeze 16 in four rows if they are “Milano-style.” I place four medium-sized cappuccino cups in the back two rows (7.5 ounces) and four demitasse cups in the front row (2.5 ounces). Although the sides of the boiler are insulated, the top is left exposed, so cups are toasty warm. If you prefer the cups hot, trying covering them with a towel to retain extra heat or using the hot water from the cooling flush to preheat them.