Zerno Z1 or Weber Key MkII as a Second

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I'm in search of a second grinder to go a Eureka Atom 75 and ECM Synchronica. The majority of drinks I make are milk-based, with an occasional Americano. For the most part, I prefer medium or medium-dark roasted beans. It seems like the Key would give me the biggest difference with the conical burrs, but I'm a little hesitant with the Mk I problems people have posted. The Zerno looks good, but I don't know if I'll be able to tell enough difference between that and the Atom to make it worthwhile. Either way, this is a "want" much more than a "need." Any recommendations, or better to skip it altogether and keep the cash for something down the road?

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#2: Post by chipman »

I love my first generation Key. I hardly ever use my EG1 anymore. I haven't had one problem in the 1.5 years i've used the grinder after a very unfortunate self inflicted issue that was 100% my fault when I first received it.

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Lucca Atom 75 Espresso Grinder Review suggests that the Atom 75 tastes pretty much like a traditional conical. I think that if you want something different you're more likely to find that among burr options for a 64 mm grinder (or 98/102, if your budget stretches that far).

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Your experience with the Zerno will depend entirely on the burrs you choose. If you outfit it with Mazzer burrs you may not notice a significant difference from your Atom 75 as they are both traditional burrs (not certain, I've owned an Atom 75, but haven't tried 64mm Mazzers). However, if you go with SSP HU or Cast you'll notice a big difference. I find the SSP HUs to be a very nice burr for both light and med-dark coffees, they offer good body and texture but more clarity than traditional burrs.