ZC Roaster 300g electric from China

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I'm looking for a 300-400g~ electric roaster.
I think to purchase the Bullet but saw this Chinese roaster from ZC Roaster / ZC Machinery. The same company that makes the 'HB M6', North 500g electric and if I'm not mistaken the ARC 800 and many many more imported roasters that sales under US brands.
https://www.shopcoffeeroasters.com/prod ... -for-sale/
I can get it with its own app that control heat and fan and maybe customize it with phidgets/artisan (waiting for reply).
Total price to my door is around 2750$.
What do you think about it? Could not found any review or owner experience.
Any reason to prefer it against the Bullet? (even that Bullet is more expensive)


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The site looks like a dealer/reseller site selling products from a bunch of different manufacturers. At first glance I didn't see any North roasters.
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Never wrote that you find North roasters there.
You can search in the forum for various posts about the subjet.