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Here in France they use a lot the grinders from santos and the 6a model is quite often sold on the second hand market. It is a gastromachine who sold new for 500 euros. Now there is a used one for 110 euros in good health and maintained.

What do you think of this grinder? Is this a good companion to my Rancilio z11. Who has used one?




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Hi Hubertus, I bought an old Santos that I think is a 6a....... it has 63.5mm burrs..... I haven't rebuilt it yet but I am thinking it will be as good as my Mazzer SJ. Here is a link to some info I found by doing a Santos Grinder search in the grinder forum..... I hope this works.....
Santos Grinders Grinder

I am really feeble about cutting an pasting...... Anyone point me in the right direction for refering articles the better way? I guess that worked, too bad it took me like 10 minutes........LOL....ha...ha...ha....
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hi hubertus,

the santos n°6 or 6a is a good professional grinder.
simple et efficace comme on dit en France :wink:
Il formera un bon couple avec ta Rancilio :wink:

macrumpel (original poster)

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Merci beaucoup. So I will proceed to my purchase tomorrow and improve my coffee experience this week-end. Fresh roasted beans are needed so I will visit the local roaster, too.

gonzo13sam, you rebuilds are looking very very interesting !!! :D A bientôt

macrumpel (original poster)

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So the grinder is my kitchen:

What a beautiful thing !!!
And it is all the difference. I am very impressed by the homogenous and fine coffee coming out of the grinder. And it is very quiet and fast. So back to my Rancilio Z11, incredible, the first shot of a double espresso took me 40 seconds or so instead of poor 10s before. Finally I can overextract the coffee and I feared it would never be possible with my setup.

Only drawback, as the machine has a dosing box I need to learn how to have the freshly ground coffee in the portafilter and not sitting in the machine and falling in the box after a lot of grinding and finally using the coffee ground 10 minutes ago... Yes I am not a bar finally...

I am happy


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il semble neuf ce moulin!!
regarde le café remplir le triangle du doseur et avec un peu d'habitude,ça va tout seul :wink:
je trouve que le doseur fait un très bel ensemble !
bravo encore et bon café :wink: