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Great thread - thanks to all for sharing their insight!


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philb wrote:I've had one for 7 years and have gotten immense pleasure out of it, with just a few episodes of frustration. I moved from an automatic to a semi automatic box-like design from Italy to the GS3. Each time the replacement came about because I wore out the earlier machines or found the results were not good enough. I finally said - enough - I'll buy one more and stop. With the GS3, I've gotten the best shots in my life time after time. There's a great satisfaction in having this machine do what it does so well for so long. The only frustrations have been needing service calls to track down a boiler fill issue and an one or two leaks after all of this time. You do need regular maintenance and that can cost $100-$200 once or twice a year. I recently had the machine upgraded with WiFi while in for service and it works just like one purchased today. I do highly recommend it and have found the company to be exceptional to work with when I've had questions.

And finally, when I was moving it, I inadvertently dropped the machine onto onto its front on a wooden floor from about 3 feet. I slipped while carrying the 75 pound machine. I thought it was a goner, but the only damage was a plastic cap that goes over the group head, a $12 part. It was then checked out and worked just fine. This is one great machine.
Thanks for sharing! Is the $100-200 maintenance because of the service call included or just the parts that you're buying?

That's crazy that you've dropped it. It's like a nightmare to drop an expensive item like that. Glad that it didn't bend or break anything else.
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The cost is mostly labor including a house call. Parts are generally from a few dollars to maybe $30 or $40 on a rare occasion. Most of the work is normal maintenance.

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iamamar wrote:I understand all the points you raised and I have asked and answered most of those questions. Usually at the end of endless research and soul searching I do find it comforting to get feedback from the community.

I'm not a fanboy or looking for prestige. I go through this same exercise when buying a $5000 camera lens. I could buy something far less expensive and still get the same results. In the end it is just a tool.

My gut tells me this is a timeless machine and piece of history. Even as the industry advances this machine will always be able to produce quality espresso in an analogue way with just enough digital touches.

You're absolutely right, I totally agree with your feedback. I'm just asking because we all quarantined, making more coffee than usual at home, might as well ask to see what reflection comes out of this question!

I was following and just curious... did you make a decision? In my experience, after all the analysis is done, I'm never really satisfied unless I go with the option that excites me, even if it doesn't obviously tick every box.


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Newbie here going through same process- also wondering if you ended up making a decision...