Would you buy it again? ECM Synchronika vs. Lelit Bianca (User Experience)

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I know this is a frequently asked question and there are thousands of discussion on this. I've done my research at my best but couldn't come to a conclusion. So it would be great to hear from user who had it for a while and know what are the problem or fuss they don't like about it and maybe serious enough that you wish you had chosen something else. More looking for experience of troubles or things that bothers you from any aspects(maintenance, stability.)

They are both fantastic machines. I read though a lot posts and realize the tiny differences between these two machines(heat up time, flow profile control range, joystick). Now I just wanna know things that didn't get brought up often like Kyle Rowsell mentioned in his video that the rubber part that holds the drip tray of Lelit Bianca fell even if they use it very carefully and it rattles now. Details like this might bother me on a 3K purchase and go with the other.

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I can only write about my experiences with my Synchronika as I've never used a Bianca.

When I was in buying mode, the choices were between the Sync, an LM GS3 or a Slayer. Budget was not a consideration. If I had more space, I likely would have chosen the LM Leva X1.

The only thing I didn't like about the Sync was the two holed steamer tip. This was very easily corrected. I love how it functions, how it fits perfectly in the space and also how it looks. One consideration for me, was that I wanted all the pressure gauges near the top so they could easily be read. The Sync gave me that. I have no regrets on buying this machine.

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That's a very nice bar. So glad you enjoy the Sync.