WLL compares Profitec Pro 700 to Lelit Bianca...

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#1: Post by baristainzmking »

Hey guys,

Have you seen the YouTube video that the WLL posted comparing Profitec 700 to Lelit Bianca?

Wonder what you think about it???


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#2: Post by HB »

I haven't watched the video, but I'll go out on a limb and predict that they'll prefer the model they sell. :lol:
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baristainzmking (original poster)
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#3: Post by baristainzmking (original poster) » replying to HB »

How did you ever guess!!! The review was quite a tear down of the Lelit Bianca....

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#4: Post by Auctor »

They obviously picked all the ways that the 700 would appear to be a winner, while conveniently ignoring how some of the Bianca's "flaws" were actually design choices made to improve a customer's experience, such as paddle range of motion, steam boiler power (not size), and movable tank.

You can't really go wrong with either. I still say the Sync is the best looking of the lot, though.


#5: Post by mycatsnameisbernie »

At first I got all excited thinking that WLL had finally decided to distribute the Bianca :D I was disappointed to see such a one-sided review.

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#6: Post by BruceWayne »

They waved the bloody finger!

Some of the points that were considered disadvantages in the video, I consider advantages for the Bianca, but it is true that the machine is not built to the same quality level of the Profitec. The pricing is more reflective of the margin the US distributor is taking, IMO. For the most part, I don't expect to get into my machine very often. I like that it's much lighter, and steam power trumps volume for my usage.


#7: Post by slaughter »

I liked the part of the difference in reflection of the metal casing hahaha.
I looked for a good comparison video but this one is a joke. I valued WLL videos but this one ruined it for me :(

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#8: Post by Stavey »

Both are outdated with lots of quality control issues.
Review finished

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#9: Post by HB »

Judging from your post history, you're a huge Decent Espresso fan. No problem! But if you're going to offer a wide generalization like "XYZ has lots of quality control issues", you should back it up as suggested in the Guidelines for productive online discussion:
Be open and honest. Many people rely on opinions presented in these forums as part of their purchase decision. The source of the information you present and basis of the opinions you express are as important as the statements themselves. For example, you should make it clear whether you speak from first hand experience, what you read elsewhere (and if appropriate, link to the source), or conventional wisdom.
I suppose you could argue the E61 design is outdated, but it's unquestionably popular for a lot of good reasons (usability, easy to repair, good parts availability, many positive reviews and user experience to learn from). I'm not aware of "lots of quality control issues" as you suggest, but it's true that all espresso machine manufacturers have occasional mishaps. It's how they handle them that matters to most owners.
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#10: Post by Prodigy »

Decent machines are not for everyone. I wouldn't take one and use it if it was free. The looks, the approach, the plastic, the noise, the slow steaming, are just some of the reasons I will never own one.