Wife loves Keurig for ease of use, bought her a new one and gives off plastic smell and taste. Need alternative.

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.
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#1: Post by Ken5 »

Wife just wants to put the pod in, press a button and grab the cup. She likes weak coffee with extra half and half and two sweet and lows.

I am fine with her preference, so I bought her a new Keurig to replace her six year old unit. Personally I don't like the coffee, so I made a hot chocolate. I could not believe the plastic smell and taste!! Ran hundreds of ounces of water through the machine and it has calmed down a lot. Can't taste it in the hot chocolate, but there is no way I would want to drink a cup of cooled water that was run through the machine as it is still present, so I am not comfortable with her using the machine. I would call Keurig, but I now see this is a common issue with a lot of the convenient coffee makers.

Any recommendations for a machine that is fairly easy to make a single sized coffee that would not have plastic in the water path?

Are Moccamasters good at making single cups? Do they need a long time to warm up before making a cup of coffee?

If she uses something like a moccamaster she would not want to grind, but I would imagine that if she is happy with the k-cups that she would be fine with pre ground in a good coffee maker.


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#2: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

We have a GE ice maker that says use 5 cups water and 1 tsp of bleach to sanitize. You could try that. Followed by 3 complete flushes of water.

Not sure if the coffee maker has different internals that would be an issue.
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#3: Post by tennisman03110 »

An Aeropresss is pretty darn easy, especially with pre-ground coffee (yes, the whole topic of plastic has been discussed).

Same thing with a French Press. Probably even easier.


#4: Post by Nwin23 » replying to tennisman03110 »

My wife uses K cups for the convenience and I would get laughed at if I tried to get her to use an aeropress.

To the OP, I'd recommend the technivorm moccamaster one cup

https://www.wholelattelove.com/products ... UGEALw_wcB

I have the 8 cup model and it heats up extremely fast. The above website says 4 minutes total for a 10 ounce cup. It's a paper filter, so you could just offer up some pre ground coffee with a scoop and figure out how many scoops she needs in the basket.


#5: Post by tennisman03110 »

I got my (elderly) mother to start using an Aeropress, after 30+ years of convenience or instant coffee. Often I grind pound of beans for her at a time with my Encore.

Took her about a week to get used to. Two years later, she has a burr grinder.

So I'd personally not be so quick to discount the idea.


#6: Post by snwbdr94 »

My wife finds French press is easier than an aeropress for making coffee. With that said, she bought herself a nespresso for her work coffee. I haven't tried it but she enjoys it and is easy like the kcups.

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#7: Post by mgwolf »

I just got a Kalita 185 and it's dead simple to use and makes a great cup of coffee. Put in a filter, dump in coffee, and pour water out of a kettle. Filters are about 13 cents each which is cheaper than the pods.


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tennisman03110 wrote:An Aeropresss is pretty darn easy, especially with pre-ground coffee (yes, the whole topic of plastic has been discussed).

Same thing with a French Press. Probably even easier.
Agreed, but an immersion brewer like a Hario Switch or Clever might be even easier. Almost as easy as putting in and throwing out the plastic Keurig things.

Ken5 (original poster)
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#9: Post by Ken5 (original poster) »

Thanks for all the replies!

Looked at YouTube videos of the areopress, French press, Kalita 185 and the hario switch. I would be perfectly fine with any of those, actually might try a few myself even though I only drink espresso at this point. I find them to be very easy to use, especially after using my robot, hand grinder and scale to make my espresso. Wife would not go for any of them though. Maybe the French press might be the easiest from watching ppl make theirs on YouTube, but still not her.

Thinking of moccamaster. The one cup looks interesting and might consider that, but would probably choose the 8 cup unit if it is easy to make one cup with that. Maybe it struggles with one or two cups? Anyone?

Not sure if running bleach through plastic would make it better or not. I did read that some suggested running vinegar through it, some said it helped, most said it didn't.

Maybe I am making a bigger deal than I need to as she loves the machine and is not happy with my suggestion to change. :(



#10: Post by Nwin23 » replying to Ken5 »

I have the full-size moccamaster and regularly make coffee at the "4" cup line and it does fine. The one I have had an intermediate setting on the filter which allows the opening to be half open to enable brewing half a pot.