Wife loves Keurig for ease of use, bought her a new one and gives off plastic smell and taste. Need alternative. - Page 2

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#11: Post by Jeff »

Another option is the Oxo, which James Hoffman (YouTube) considered to be a good value at US$210. (I have not tried one personally.)


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I'm going to go against the grain here and suggest this:

https://www.blackanddecker.com/products ... ker/dcm18s

Like a keurig, you make a mug at a time and it's dead simple to operate. I haven't used mine for years (I think it's still buried in the closet) but I remember it making reasonably decent coffee.

I have a technivorm, and used it for many years at the 4-6cup level, but I had a whole song and dance I did with it to get the results I wanted.


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Ken5 wrote:Maybe I am making a bigger deal than I need to as she loves the machine and is not happy with my suggestion to change.
That's quite possible but has she compared the output from anything else? She might actually prefer what she has (perhaps she adds other flavors to the coffee and it wouldn't matter??) but if she hasn't compared, maybe she doesn't know that coffee can taste much better than that.

And if it really comes down to wanting to do nothing more that popping in a pod, I think that Nespresso is a slight upgrade in output quality.

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To the OP......I have a 10 cup Moccamaster. It makes very good coffee and is very easy to use. You can make enough coffee for one person or several. It is rather easy to freshly grind the coffee. This would be my recommendation.


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Clever is easy, forgiving and tastes good.
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We have been Keurig users for years. I have one in the office, one at the lake and one at home. For the most part they have worked great. We just recently (in the past 30 days) bout a new model (Supreme Plus) as our home one died after about 6 years. We had the same exact issue...plastic taste which was awful.

I actually contacted Keurig and they made a few suggestions, but ultimately they ended up sending me descaling/cleaning solution which did the trick. The taste will eventually go away, but needless to say I am not sure I will get another machine in the future if this is something they do not address.

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Thanks Kris!

Was thinking of descaling, or using vinegar. It did calm down a bit after running all that water through, but I feel it is still slightly there. Wife just does not want to part with the machine. :(

Probably will try to descale. Guessing the suggestions other than descale were not too helpful.