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Thanks for the kind words and confirmations on the original point of the post; hope it proves useful to new folks as well. I just wanted to make a couple closing observations based on some of the above.

Price: Just some additional data points to add to the excellent advice and experiences above. The best price I have seen lately for a brand new SJ is just under $700. The prices I have seen on ebay the last few months have all been all over the map, but the last 3 were $371+s/h (lightly banged up and somewhat older unit), $349+s/5 (odd copper color) and $560+s/h for a pretty new looking unit with a short warranty. As the above folks have pointed out, there is a great used market for SJs and they hold their value well b/c they last a very long time, So hunt away online and at local restaurant supply places and you'll almost certainly find a good deal. But I would second the notion that about $400 is the top price for a relatively recent, used unit with good burrs, no damage and not needing a repaint. I'd start backing off from there based on lack of any of those criteria.

Size: If you have room for an espresso machine (any espresso machine), you have room for an SJ. Attached are two pics of the SJ next to the Gaggia, which is about as small as it gets for a machine. Its no bigger w/o the tamper on top. I have it pushed farther back into the corner to give me room with the steam arm, but its also no wider or deeper. And the tamper works perfectly to stop popcorning, but so does just about anything else placed over the top of the opening. The tamper rests on some ledges on the inside of the throat so it does not actually push down on the beans or touch anything moving inside the SJ.

Channeling. I noted i was having an issue with this in the first post. Turned out to be poor dosing technique. With my other grinder, I could use 14-17 or so grams of coffee and it would make no difference to the machine and would not hit the screen. The SJ, probably b/c it is grinding more consistently and the grinds are much fluffier and more aerated, needs exactly 14 grams to avoid having the puck hit the screen. If I do my part and measure (just by volume in a 7g scoop) accurately and not as sloppy as I was with the old grinder, all is right with the world.

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