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There is a part of me that thinks if people enjoyed what they have and the coffee it makes and spent less time wondering about spending an incremental couple of 1000s on the "next thing" then trust over what to buy and who from and why might not be such an issue.
It's a function of this connectiveness that the Internet has brought. There always seems to be something newer better out there that stops people from being content.

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Mrboots2u wrote:There always seems to be something newer better out there that stops people from being content.
We grow old too soon and smart too late. With each passing year of experience, you discover that you bought a few more things that added nothing to your enjoyment of life despite your hope & their promise. There's a saying among us guitar players: the older you get, the fewer knobs you need.

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I don't think anyone's advice can give complete assurance. In the end there's an interplay between gathering the best information you can, taking the leap to make a decision, and the hands-on experience that follows. Even then as you gain experience you can ask others for help, apply what they're suggesting and see how it works for you.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!


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Jasper_8137 wrote:In addition to all the opinions on HB, who do you all feel gives knowledgeable, unbiased opinions regarding the purchase of new equipment? SCG, WLL, Chris Coffee, Clive Coffee?
I really don't believe anyone can truly be unbiased. That said, I look for candor amongst purchase-influencers.

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CwD wrote:Nobody, ever. Just have to understand what biases a person holds when evaluating their advice.
I would agree but restate in less cynical terms. If you know someone's bias and can take that into account then their advice should be helpful.

Probably what Mitch meant anyway....and he is so right.
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