White double wall ceramic mug recommendations?

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

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I'm familiar with the ones made by Fellow, I'm not a huge fan of the copper/gold accents. Are there any other options?

I want something that's white (not glass) with good heat retention (double wall). Ideally it would be available in both a 6-8oz size and a 3oz size.



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You should have no trouble in Seattle finding Acme & Co. mugs . . . widely considered to be the best coffee cups and saucers on the planet.


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I've got some acme cups and while they are great, they aren't double walled.

I looked at the website and couldn't find any...maybe they made them in the past and were discontinued?

I broke down and got my wife some double walled glass cappuccino mugs off amazon...she was tired of reheating her cap in the morning.


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I have not ever seen any traditional service cups that are double wall and ceramic. Standard service ceramic cups are typically very thick single layer porcelain. The only double wall ceramic I know of is designed for travel/on-the-go use, and made by St.Anthony Industries. I haven't seen white though. Their ceramic cups, etc, are excellent quality but, are double wall steel (iirc) with a thin ceramic coating. Contiguous used to make a ceramic mug that had an insulated lower 2/3, with a rubber base. It is fantastic. You could check their site to see if they've got a newer similar version.

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JE wrote:https://www.clubhouse.ch/en/catalogue/maniko/

Various sizes available
These look nice! From Dick Green's aka @ Peppersass, recommendation back in 2014, we went to Ditta Artigianale cafe in Firenze (Florence) Italy, at least once a day if not more often, when we visited in November 2014. The Maniko cups were designed by the owner of DA, Francesco Sanapo

I've sent inquiries how to purchase the cups in small quantities; preferably one of the colors shown besides white or black.

Thanks for the post JE!
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Finally received a reply from Clubhouse: No retailers & their minimum order is 250 units.
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Check out the Inker catalog. These are hard to come by in the US. iDrinkCoffee in Canada has limited models. I have found these to be the best at heat retention. There porcelain has always been excellent. I haven't used Acme but they are more available here.

In terms of your larger size if long term heat retention is really important consider a 10oz Ember Cup. My wife loves these. We have three of them. She uses two every morning. The third is our oldest one that is saved for use when we don't heat one of the others.

Hope that helps.
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The Maniko double wall cups from Clubhouse, have my interest. 260 grams makes it the heavy weight contender in the ~200ml category; and sans handle. Guess I'll have to make another trip to Ditta Artigianale in Florence and talk them out of a set :D
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