Which grinders will take Ditting Sweet Lab burrs?

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by maxmaut »

So I've been reading this forum extensively for the past few days, and decided I want to try ditting sweet burrs for my next gridner, to brew V60, Clever and other brewed styles.

I am a precision mechanics designer and maker (cinema lenses) so I'm not scared of designing/manufacturing additional parts/adapters, but ideally would prefer to avoid the hassle.

I am looking for a budget-friendly grinder that would take ditting sweet/mahlkonig peak/ditting peak burrs - reading this forum it seems they are all the same.

Grinders that will take 80mm burrs:
1) Ditting 804 or 807 LAB SWEET grinders.
2) Any other Ditting 804 or 807. Not sure what to do with the bag-vibrating plate, but I assume there hsould be a way to disable the vibration.
3) Ultra Grinder with 80mm chamber.
4) DIP DK-30 or DK-30F. No idea if these are any good.
5) Bunn G1, G2 or G3 - will need to manufacture an adapter disk. This seems to be very budget-friendly, but also more of a project, then a grinder.
6) PEAK grinder from Mahlkonig or Ditting.
7) Weber EG-1
8) Monolith flat
9) Tanzania is also 80mm? Although it seems it has blind burrs with no holes?

Did I miss any options? Obviously EG-1, monolith or or Levercraft Ultra would be great, but they are too expensive for me, same goes to getting a new 807 Lab Sweet, even though I really love it's design and would love to see it in my kitchen. I have plenty of space, so size is not a big issue.

There is a MK Peak for sale locally for 2,200 that already has the right burrs installed. I am scared about retention a little, but could potentially manufacture bellows to try and counter that. It is a 120V version however, and I live in a 220V country, so will have to use an invertor (which I already own), but it's an ugly box that will have to sit on a counter.

There's also a 1800 USD ditting 804 available too, adding 500USD sweet burrs will take it to 2,300 however.

Ideally I'l like to keep it under 1,500 USD with a stretch budget of 2,000. Any suggestions?


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Keep in mind that a Monolith flat is 75mm and not 80mm. A Bunn would definitely be the cheapest option. A used 804 or Kenia will also be good but a bit more expensive especially when you need to buy new burrs. As far as I know the Kenia also has 80mm burrs with 2 holes for mounting. All the others will be much more expensive.

Keep in mind that the Peak will have a very narrow grind range so you can use it for espresso or pourover and not both without modifying the upper lid. It has a stop on both ends but only a 1/3 turn range between the stops where you need a full turn from espresso to pourover. Then you need to rotate the burrs without the lid on to set it to a different settings and then put the lid back on so you have 1/3 of a turn from there. The design also holds a lot of retention.

maxmaut (original poster)

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Indeed monolith is 75mm, but Kenia also appears to be 65mm (like Guatemala).


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True, Kenia and Guatemala are 65mm but Tanzania is 80mm. I always get confused between the Kenia and Tanzania.


#5: Post by acman8 »

I've been looking to do the same thing and decided to go the route of buying a new regular 804 lab then changing the burrs to sweet burrs. I've owned ditting grinders for almost 15 years now so here's my 2 cents.

For a $1500 budget, why not buy a nice used 804 and put in a brand new set of sweet burrs? Then you would have essentially the same machine in function as a brand new K804 Lab Sweet. The only real difference would be aesthetics (The lab Sweet is the only 804 with the shiny stainless look instead of black or the older Ditting brown and there is some badging on the hopper unique to the lab Sweet) and a couple of functional improvements that you could retrofit. The 804 lab and 804 lab Sweet have the extended range gear that gives you a broader grind range. You can buy it from Ditting for $200 if you want the ability to grind both very fine and very coarse without recalibration. Personally, I never grind anywhere near Turkish so I just calibrate a little coarser and even the regular adjustment gear was plenty of range for any manual brew method I would do. Also the 804 lab grinders have a shelf that you can set a cup or other grind collection vessel on when grinding. Convenient but not a huge deal although I'm sure you could retrofit that also if you wanted.

If you don't want to deal with the bag vibrator, look for a KF804 vs a KR804. It doesn't have the vibrator. If you decide to go the route of buying an older 804 and updating it with new burrs, I have one I'll be putting up for sale in about a week or so. Send me a private message if you're interested. eBay can be a source for a used 804 although you don't always know what you're getting. And Ditting USA often has refurbished models for sale. They update inventory frequently so just check often. I've heard of them swapping up to the lab sweet burrs for an up charge on new grinders - they might do the same on a refurb but you'd have to ask. Also, the sweet burrs are on back order from Ditting for awhile so that wouldn't be an option until later this year when they receive a new shipment of sweet burrs.

maxmaut (original poster)

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So I'm offered a new 807 lab sweet for 2,300 usd and I'm thinking to get it. Lead time is over two months.

It's either that or an kr804 with sweet burrs for around 2,100, lead time is 3 weeks.

I wish there was something under 1000 usd available for the grinder itself, but it seems to be just Bunns and those weird hungarian grinders that no one knows anything about.


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$2300 for a new 807 lab sweet is a fantastic deal. They list for $3500 new and are a little hard to come by right now. I wouldn't pass that up unless you really are trying to stick to a $1500 budget.

If you are trying to keep the $1500 budget, I still think your best bet would be a used 804 with sweet burrs added. You'd have a tank of a grinder that should give results identical to a K804 lab sweet which I can't imagine are too much different than the new 807 lab sweet.

maxmaut (original poster)

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The deal on the ditting is only so good because this distributor orders straight from the factory, but they have a MOQ of 3 pcs of any equipment. Right now I am the only person who contacted this distributor about any ditting product.

They do have a Peak on hand, for around USD 1800-ish, new. I need to figure out if I can use it for single dosing tho, as it does appear to be a gridner designed to work with full hopper, unlike the 807 LS.


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not trying to brag or anything but you can find kr804 for cheap. I found mine for $280 and put some sweet lab burrs and its a STELLAR setup.


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maxmaut wrote:I need to figure out if I can use it for single dosing tho
No, you can't.

You can try but it's a major uphill battle and the Peak is the wrong grinder for it. Also as was already stated the Peak has a small range of grind size and it can't be used for both espresso and filter at the same time because it requires modification to switch between the sizes, and being able to switch easily is a really nice perk of many single dosing grinders including the Lab Sweet.