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#11: Post by larrythegypsy »

Any tips on sourcing? I'd love to get a second hand Ditting and I'm trying to find any sources I can!


#12: Post by larrythegypsy »

I'd also love info about a distributor who has available new 807s in stock and offers deals...


#13: Post by atao »

I got my 804 used on ebay last year. I was seeing a lot of supply at the time.


#14: Post by Acavia »

I have a KR804 with Sweet burrs. What calibration do most use? I am half a setting, ~10mm along dial, from burr rub.

I only do pour over. I usually did 5 to 6 range, but have found myself going coarser lately. Did an 8 recently and it was good. Top go much coarser I would have to calibrate it coarser. I am thinking of doing 2.5 settings, for 2 settings coarser (new 7 would be old 5, etc.)