Which espresso machine/grinder with max budget 3000€?

Recommendations for espresso equipment buyers and upgraders.

Postby V4rley » Jun 14, 2019, 3:34 pm

Hello everyone !

I'm new to this forum and I came here to have your advice as espressos expertise :D.

For many, i had the Jura micro ENA 5 and I'm satisfied with it. I can taste a lot of different coffees, try to find mines. But... I want some change, I want to improve my skills, and I also want a better coffee cup everyday.

So I saved some money in order to buy my dream espresso machine. Or the best machine for my using.

This is my aficionado coffee profile:
- I the one who drink coffee, my wife doesn't like even if the smell of fresh coffee bean is delicious.
- I drink between 4 to 6 espressos/ristretto per days. And increase when I have some friends.
- I want a milk steaming for latte or hot chocolate for my daughter.
- Even if I'm a newbie in espresso machine, I'm very motivated to learn and improve myself, so I don't afraid of some challenges.
- Preferably lever machine or E61 group.

I made some research, and I found some brand who can fit me (in my mind) : Bezzera, Rocket, ECM and QuickMill.

For the grinder, idk, all I want for this is ideally a single doser (or a small hopper), low retention, good burrs... But I think it's everyone want so...

Budget : 1800€ max for the machine. And 1200€ around for the grinder. Yeah maybe it's a lot for a first machine but I don't want to next year.

Thanks for watching and your advice :D


Postby lsun22 » Jun 14, 2019, 3:37 pm

niche zero for grinder and lelit elizabeth for machine is what i'd get. elizabeth has the most features/price value.