Which basket size for Decent Espresso DE1+?

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Postby MB » Jun 14, 2018, 5:13 pm

I know the DE1+ comes with an 18g basket, but I also ordered a double spouted portafilter, since I routinely split a dose with a friend at work. I want to get a second basket for the second portafilter, but don't know if I should get another 18g or get the 20g.

Background: I generally use 20g of coffee with an Espresso Forge at work, mimicking a lever shot, and then split that to make two 4.5oz lattes. However, I use the same coffee at home and work, and with the Londinium 1 at home it only needs 16.5g to make a similar drink to the Forge's 20g, hence the reason for my question. In addition to the split drinks, I also make a full dose for myself at work, and would most likely use the naked portafilter. (Oh, wait, then I would have to warm it up, right? Dang.)

I am getting a second basket regardless, but should I stick with another 18g, or get a 20g?


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