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algue wrote:Where did I read that in some houses there are both 110V and 240V?
I installed 240V with the help of an electrician so I can plug in my Caravel and who knows what might be next. :D

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zgoettsc (original poster)

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One more question as well. I like the mini vivaldi, but I also see the dream T for about $200 more. I like the idea of the timer to turn the machine on in the morning so that it is ready when I wake up, so the cost difference means nothing because the dream T has one built in. My question is this..

Can you just leave the machine on all the time?

Because if you can do that and not cause any harm to the machine, then I think I will save the $200 and put it towards a better grinder.

If you do leave the machine on all the time, I assume that means it would be ready to go in the morning when I wake up. Is that the case?

Thanks again for all of the replies!


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Something of that magnitude can run always on. In that case it would be ready to go when you need it after the usual temperature flushes, which you do any time you use the machine. I personally wouldn't own a machine that's not always on if I don't already have one that runs that way. Its nice to be able to walk up and have a shot whenever you please. I would put the extra into a grinder, you will appreciate it quite a bit. As stated, a (used) super jolly is the midrange of grinders, and the lowest cost, relatively hassle free, option there is.
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I have a machine I start on a heavy duty appliance timer that plugs in between it and the wall and the timer costs way less than $200. Doing this saves energy too.

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Won't work with a Spaz' because when power applied they come up in standby mode not powered on mode.
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And just a note : make sure that the case/chassis is well GROUNDED if you're going to run a European appliance here.
May be a non-issue, but make sure that the neutral is separated from the ground inside the machine.
The European 'neutral' line will be at 120V relative to ground in the USA/CAN if wired for 240V (120V-0-120V makes for 240V).

Obviously, if this serves only the boiler element and the boiler casing is grounded, again, it's a non issue...just a wee heads up.


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I was told by a man that owns a espresso parts company 10 years ago, to never have a timer on these machines, especially with auto refill controllers.
As for where to buy them? Do plenty of research, here is a great place and other forums as well.And don't be in a hurry. They do come up for sale from time to time.


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I don't know what others' experience is but I bought a new Silvia in 2000 and it has never required a repair, minor or major, only regular maintenance such as regular descaling, backflushing and head gasket changes.