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Rosso Corsa

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My coffee journey began in earnest after I got married and started drinking drip (gasp!) coffee on goose hunting trips. I did not like it at all, but when you're waist deep in freezing water in a bar ditch and it's snowing, even hot water would be welcome! Years later, my wife and I started travelling to Hawaii regularly and I found that I liked 100% Kona coffee and started drinking it regularly.

Business trips to London and Seattle got me hooked on espresso. I was travelling 60 - 80k air miles a year doing artistic demos all over the U.S. and espresso was my drink of choice. I was travelling too much to get stuck in back then (I was only in town two days a week), but when I retired that all changed.

My home setup came after months of researching various equipment options and since this was my first espresso machine, I wanted something that I would not outgrow quickly. I also wanted to explore flow profiling. That limited my equipment choices and my further requirement that it be an Italian machine and grinder, limited my choices even further.

After much thrashing about with my options (and a few failed orders due to supply chain issues), I bought a Dalla Corte Mina espresso machine and a Mazzer ZM grinder. The Mazzer is setup with 151B burrs currently. I drive an Italian car and I really wanted an all Italian setup to pull my shots. I also like the fact that Dalla Corte is a family owned business. My wife asked me if I was finished buying equipment for the espresso bar and I said, "Not yet!" :-)

I'm still hooked on the idea of getting another Mazzer ZM setup for pour-over (with my 151F burrs) using my beloved 100%Kona beans. I'm also set on getting a big Italian conical grinder as well to play with, as I explore flow profiling and to see how the cup changes from a flat burr to a big conical. One of my friends said you have not lived until you try an Italian lever machine, so that will no doubt be the last major equipment item I get. That should keep my well stuck in for the next decade or so!

“I am one with the espresso, the espresso is in me.”


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Are you happy with the Mina?