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Ok, update on the above...

I ultimately reached out to ECM in Canada who have been the most helpful thus far and they are the first company who I feel understands the issue and how to fix it. While my assessment above is pretty close, it is wrong. EDIT - Initially I thought my proposed workaround (adding an external relay before the board fails) would not help, but after thinking more, I actually believe it does...more to follow on this :)

That said, after talking to ECM, I am confident they have identified the problem, which lies on the circuit board and requires replacement of at least one component on the board itself that will just continue to fail over and over if Bezzera continues to use the same design. That is ECM's assessment I think and I 100% agree. It is unclear to me at this point if Bezzera has yet understood the issue in the same way. I'm sure they will eventually but who knows what kind of lead time there is on changing the design, production, etc. EDIT - I now believe the issue is understood by Bezzera.

So the good news is until the design is fixed by Bezzera, ECM can repair/upgrade the board for you. The price they quoted me and turn around time were both extremely fair, and they were a joy to talk to as well (I didn't even buy my machine from them, but they were still willing to work with me). I wish I would have spoken with them a month ago when this problem started.

Anyway, I hope this info can help anyone else experiencing this problem or, for now, considering this machine. Until we have a confirmed redesign from Bezzera, I would recommend waiting to buy one. If you already have one and it fails (which it will eventually), I would strongly suggest you just reach out to ECM for repair unless, again, Bezzera has confirmed a re-design of the boards.

Here is ECM's website...again, they have been extremely kind and responsive: https://espresso.ca

Once I have this fully sorted and have tested a few things, I will do a separate post on what I think are ALL the options to handle this issue both in and out of warranty and before and after failure.

Hope this helps and all the best. Please let me know if anyone has questions on my experience!