What is a good grinder upgrade from the Comandante for filter coffee?

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by ytoledano »

Hi, I have the Comandante MK3 for filter and DF64 stock burrs for espresso. What is a good upgrade for filter coffee? Notes:
* I don't mind hand grinding for filter
* would like to spend no more than $500-$700 (though happy to spend less)
* One option could be SSP MP burrs for DF64, but I'm not sure even that is better than the Comandante for filter
* maybe there's no reasonable upgrade in this range that will give noticeable improvement



#2: Post by bas »

There is no real upgrade for 500-700 :wink:

Ode is not better. SSP Multi-purpose for Giota/DF64 brings it on par at best. Same for Vario + Ditting steel burrs. At least in my personal experience both SSP 64 mm MP and Ditting steel 54 mm are not better.

If you want a significant upgrade for filter you need to invest more and think of something like Ditting Lab Sweet, Mahlkonig EK43 with cast burrs or other top class grinders with dedicated "unimodal" burrs. And even then the upgrade is not huge.

So keep the Comandante. It is a great brew grinder :)

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#3: Post by Brewzologist »

I have DF64 with MP burrs and use for spro and filter. I'd say it's different, not better. Maybe a little more clarity perhaps than the Commandante!?! But that doesn't mean it's a better overall cup either. Agree you're in a sweet spot with the C40 unless you want to spend a lot more.


#4: Post by Jonk »

I did a quick comparison of a friend's C40 with the SSP brew burrs. I was surprised to find them more similar than different. For the beans used the SSP brew pronounced a citric acidity in cupping that I preferred over a more malic acidity with the C40.. While espresso pulled a bit more rounded with the C40 in a good way. Basically a draw and down to personal preference.

To give you an idea of how good that is, I have on occasion picked those 64mm SSP brews over another friend's pre-2015 EK43.

If you like espresso made with the C40 but don't want to grind those by hand - you could potentially replace your current setup with a DF64 + SSP brew for both filter and espresso. That would not even be a cost if you sold the C40. Worth a try if you don't need the option to grind for traditional espresso.


#5: Post by Starspawn2318 »

I've had the Comandante and now have SSP 64 brew burrs. I would think of it less like an upgrade and more like just a different flavor profile.

If you like a conical profile then it will probably take a lot more money than it $500-700 to upgrade on that.

On the other hand if you want to try a flat burr profile the SSP 64 burrs DFA might be worth it. It wouldn't say its better or worse but just different. Lighter body, more clarity, less rounded. I tend to prefer this so for me it was an "upgrade" but thats only because this is what I happen to prefer.


#6: Post by Brien »

After comparing my at home C40-ground coffee with cafés I am convinced that you would be looking at a P100, EK 43S etc. to actually see a difference.

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#7: Post by jbviau »

ytoledano wrote:What is a good upgrade for filter coffee?
Backing up a bit, why do you want to upgrade, i.e. what are you unhappy about with your filter coffee at the moment?

I prefer what I get from the Apex, which is in your price range, to what I get from the C40, but it's much more of a different flavor profile than a big leap.
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#8: Post by Yan »

For me C40 to OE Apex it's upgrade especially for clean and clarity, maybe the difference not night and day...

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#9: Post by Rice Bowl »

OE Apex quality of use is awful compared to the C40, as far as the word of owners of both can be taken.

Echoing previous posters, the jump from C40 to SSP 64mm v2 brew burrs is more of a difference in flavor profile than a definitive upgrade/downgrade. Whether or not you prefer the sort of filter brews that you get from a flat burr vs the very safe, clear, and pleasant brews you get from a C40 is more of a preference thing than a clear cut winner.