What is alternative to Lagom P64?

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#1: Post by tkbarista0230 »

seem p64 almost impossible to get in us.
so I'm looking for alternative espresso single dose grinder (could be hopper) around $2k budget,
any recommendation? thinking e65s not gbw version but not sure about it.
Atom 75 seems has great review but idk not not really appealing to me, df64 same.
thank you.

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#2: Post by Jeff »

What are you looking for out of the grinder?

What roast levels do you pull?

(Passenger and Sey I'd consider medium-light to light. Anything from the US that is "for espresso" is probably medium or darker. A lot of US "filter" is medium to medium-light.)

How many shots in a session do you normally make?


#3: Post by Plinyyounger »

Atom 75 is very good!
Big 98mm flat grinder, been there done that, sold it. I’m happy now.


#4: Post by Corgo »

I got Ceado e37sd from idrinkcoffee because I couldn't get a p64 (which I ended up having the chance to but passed since I already had the Ceado at that point).

tkbarista0230 (original poster)

#5: Post by tkbarista0230 (original poster) »

I usually drink medium to dark bean espresso but want to explore light roast world if I have proper grinder.
I make one shot at a time for three times a day with milk at the morning espresso for after lunch.
I'm looking atom 75 or lucca 75( seems same but if this one new interface and app is better) looks nice but I'm single and don;t want to left bean on hopper.
found on Lagom p64 used on ebay that used like 10 month but price like $1900 haha.


#6: Post by boren »

How big of a difference would there be between a P64 and a DF64 with the same burrs?

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#7: Post by Jeff »

Atom 75 isn't either a viable single-dosing grinder or a modern flat. It's a great hopper grinder for classic espresso.

DF64 is what you pay for, about the cheapest thing that will spin modern, 64 mm burrs. Of the flood of grinders available from various Asian ODMs, the DF64 is perhaps the best understood. Of the rest, the JT64 is one of the few that interest me. It is unproven. None are competitors to the P64, in my opinion.

The P64 has proven stability, workflow, and performance. US distribution has made it nearly impossible to buy. The P100 is, budget permitting, a better option in the US by far.

The Acaia Orbit looks promising to me, but alignment and stability is unproven.

The Zerno engineers couldn't answer basic questions about alignment at their presale. Promised features have fallen by the wayside. They seemingly hired a publicist.

Capuchin Monk

#8: Post by Capuchin Monk »

tkbarista0230 wrote:seem p64 almost impossible to get in us.
That's why I opted for this. New Chinese Single Dose Grinder


#9: Post by kurisuni »

This doesn't immediately solve the availability issue but seems like there are more newcomers coming to the SD space to compete with Lagom:


haulin oats

#10: Post by haulin oats »

Weber Workshops KEY?