What grinder for ECM Synchronika

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by marugenji »

Hi everyone,

I finally decided to get a decent espresso machine and I think I have decided on the ecm synchronika. I was wondering how much I should be looking to spend on a grinder to get the most out of it and if you have any specific recommendations? I was thinking about a single dose, something like the df83 v2, but maybe I should spend a little more to get something a bit better?


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#2: Post by Jeff »

Welcome to H-B!

What's your budget?

What roast levels do you currently enjoy?

What characteristics of a good espresso do you like the most?

How often do you think you'll be changing beans?

Do you need the grinder to be able to do a good job with filter or pour over as well?

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#3: Post by Paris92 »

Hang around here long enough and you will learn the grinder selection is more important than the machine. Check out the Ceado E37S. I went with the 37J model for my Sync and regret it somewhat. The Sync deserves a very high end grinder paired with it IMO.


#4: Post by Coffeechiro »

Df83 v2 w/ upgraded SSP burrs would be my choice or Lagom P64.


#5: Post by bmikeee »

I had both a Niche and an Atom 75 when I had a Synchronika. I left the Niche for the Eureka because I got tired of single dosing... and now I am looking at a Lagom P64 to single dose again lol.
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