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I think Chris Coffee has Eric's thermometer or a version of it -- they also have extensive instructions/information about it on their website, if that's of interest.


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There ought to be group pressure gauges interchangeable with the same threading standard as Eric's. And depending on your where your desire for data lies on the line between information and aesthetic kludginess, you could probably have a manifold that allows both at the same time.

Reason I bring this up is that while knowing how your machine behaves thermally during a shot is interesting, there is nothing you can do about it. Besides if you manage your HX rituals right, it should be pretty stable anyway. BUT pressure is something you have more options over controlling and adjusting on the fly, even if it's not a BDB or GS/3 or Slayer.

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slybarman wrote:Place notifications on your local and surrounding Craigslists. You have to be patient, but deals do pop up on good late model db machines. Be ready to pounce before anyone else when one presents itself. It may take some months, but it will happen. Best if you have a particularly wealthy town nearby. They buy and discard toys.
Thank you! I will do this.