What coffee machine to get for cappuccino

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Hello all!

I know that this is not the first post with this question ,but I check a lot and I'm still not 100% sure what to get.

Currently I'm using delonghi dedica ec685 + coffee grinder for 10 Euro (no brand :D )

I'm thinking of changing it. We are drinking mainly cappuccino (1-2 max a day) and for time to time an espresso (let's say 1-2 times a week)

I know that the best option is to get separated grinder and coffee machine, but not sure is it worth to get expensive grinder like eureka specialita and coffee machine like Lelit Pl041TEM (not a big fan of the design, but still) this is what some people suggested.

Other told me that if I'm going to combine the coffee with milk it's not worth investing in separated express machine and grinder, just take the in a combined machine so I got my eyes on SAGE SES878BSS the Barista Pro. I know that combined grinder + coffee machine is not good, but I check the reviews of the Barista Pro and they are good.

Can you give me advice?

Thanks in advance


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Here is a discussion from Coffee Geek about the Breville Barista Pro (which is similar to the Sage-branded Barista Pro:

https://coffeegeek.tv/breville-barista- ... o-machine/

It seems to be more of an advertisement than an actual critical review, but it does describe the general features of the machine.

It's not really inexpensive (the Euro marketed Sage goes for equivalent amounts in Euros or Pounds). Perhaps the best way to decide if this machine will satisfy your needs would be to go to a shop that would let you try it out, if you can find one in your region.

Oner thing that is true about this or similar machines is that they will not allow you the same freedom to customize your espresso extraction as would most of the other machines you'll find discussed here on the HB forums.

ppeev0206 (original poster)

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Thanks for the response.

What machine will you suggest me to take like I said mostly I drink I cappuccino

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What's your budget? Would you consider a manual grinder?


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The answer to your question depends on your expectations and your budget. Generally--sort of, you get what you pay for. I trained my friend on her Barista Pro. You can get a credible milk drink--depending on your expectations--she is happy. Could you spend more and get a better system? No doubt.


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ppeev0206 wrote:Thanks for the response.

What machine will you suggest me to take like I said mostly I drink I cappuccino
This machine might satisfy your needs. I didn't want to suggest another option because I have no idea what you would actually want or like. That's why I suggested trying it out, if possible, before you spend the not inconsiderable amount of money to buy one.

Many years ago I had a very similar Breville (without the grinder) and was able to make drinkable lattes and caps with it. Really, the best advice I can give is to find some way to drink coffee made on the machine...either at a shop that sells them or from someone you know who has one.


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I can recommend the Sage Bambino Plus. It heats up in 3 seconds and has a steam wand which will also steam automatically (and does it pretty good) if you are lazy ;)
The machine comes with pressurized baskets which I think are ok if you are doing milk drinks anyway. For an intense espresso you can still use the normal baskets.
I would get a machine without an integrated grinder because some day you might want to improve your espresso and need a better one.

ppeev0206 (original poster)

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Thanks all for the response.

Basically my budget is around 700-800€ the amount of the barista pro.

My expectations are to make lattes and cappuccinos mostly and to be good.

Not sure if i can find a place so i can try it but will think of something.

Anyway if you have other suggestions i will be happy.


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Given your budget and your penchant for milk drinks, I don't think it is a bad way to go. Other options would be cobbling together something like a Robot or Flair, a hand grinder like Izpresso and some sort of milk steamer, or getting a Bambino and a hand grinder. The latter choice is cheaper and I would bet give you a better grinder albeit manual but. . . .it is an easy, short grind with the better hand grinders. Gaggia Pro and hand grinder is yet another similar option.


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I would second the Bambino Plus. I bought one years ago and still use it from time to time and I am always amazed from what I can get from it. With a Breville Smart Grinder Pro, you will have a great set that will give you excellent lattes or cappucinos for years. Then, you may be ready for an (expensive) upgrade :mrgreen: