Weird espresso machine order issue

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Im hoping someone here deals with an espresso company that really is an mvp in the business occasionally and has some insight.
On Feb 3 I ordered a single group through an authorized dealer that I vetted through the manufacture.
At the time of order I was aware of a lead time. I requested a status report a couple of times through the dealer. I never received an answer. The dealer said manufacture never responded. I was suspicious the dealer hadn't bothered to ask so I contacted the manufacture directly and explained why I was contacting them vs the dealer I had gone through. Over the course of time a e-mail exchange took place. I called them again today after no response to my e-mail. I talked to someone and have heard nothing back. Im getting worried as this was paid for up front. If anyone has any thoughts or insight I would be grateful. Here is an e-mail I received from the manufacture a couple of weeks back.
On 5/3/2022 4:39 PM, wrote:
Hi Joe,

Good news - I talked to our team and we have a machine ready to ship for Your dealer this week!

They should be in touch with you about details about payment, etc.

The machine is built and ready to go.


Hope all is well.


While I appreciate you response almost 2 weeks ago I am a little confused. No one ever contacted me with respect to shipping the "built and ready to go" machine. I do apologize for any inconvenience I may be causing. Any accurate update would be greatly appreciated. I am sure there is someone closer to the situation I should be speaking with as I dont believe this is something you should have to spend your time with.

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Check out Beware of fraudulent online espresso equipment vendors. Do any of the "warning flags" apply?
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jghoo43 (original poster)

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This is a well known Seattle espresso machine company and I checked with them about the distributor before i placed the order.

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I'm confused. What advice you are hoping to get here? If you paid upfront with a credit card and you're concerned about non-delivery, you can dispute the charge for 60 days. If you paid with wire transfer or similar, then you have to work with the receiver. Lots of vendors are reporting delays in inventory shipments, so you may have to be extra patient.
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jghoo43 (original poster)

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I guess you are right. I dont know what I was expecting here. I was freaking out a bit. Come to find out the authorized dealer that I verified through the manufacturer never forwarded the check to the manufacturer. I just found this out a bit ago. I contested the charge and was credited. Sucks though as the machine has gone up 4k since I ordered. Oh yeah dont order from Cafelast.

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It seems unfair that the purchaser has to bear the brunt of the whole enterprise. What protection beyond expensive and time consuming litigation exists for us as we take the full risk with our good faith and money up front during these long supply chain lead times?

Are the days of a 'Cancellation Date' clause now all but gone; not worth the paper they're even written on?
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Isn't this a clear case for more transparent and proactive communication. The supplier should provide regular update if the update is "no news". In times of Covid shortages Decent updated a simple google sheet with order numbers and place in queue. Most people will tolerate delays but we get annoyed and stressed at being kept in the dark.
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Never heard of this company "Cafelast". Looking at your profile, am I wrong to think it was a Synesso you attempted to order? If it was, why not just go thru Synesso?

jghoo43 (original poster)

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At the end of the day I was in contact with Synesso multiple times with no help. They suggested I go through the distributor with issues even though I conveyed that there appeared to be communication issues. As stated earlier I had verified the status of the Cafelast through Synesso before ordering.

The machine has been sitting at Synesso finished for over 2 weeks but Synesso never thought it was a problem that an order had been received on the 3rd of Feb and as of the middle of May no money had been forwarded to them. It wasn't till May 13 that I managed to talk to someone in accounting at Synesso and was told that while my machine was sitting in inventory however they had not received funds from Cafelast.

At this point I doubt I would want the machine even if things could somehow get resolved. I waited years to take the plunge on this and I dont have much positive to say about either company anymore.

I need a 240v machine as I will be moving to the eu in a year or 2 which leaves me few options. I had chosen the mvp hydra for its features and commercial build. The price was pretty much at the top of my range also. Who knows where the path will lead at this point.


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What I meant to say was why purchase from this middleman when you could have ordered directly thru Synesso?