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Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#21: Post by espressoren »

I'd vote Nespresso original. I use a Micra and do all of the manual work, but my wife sticks to the Nespresso because it is easy, repeatable, and "good enough". It's easy for us who obsess about puck prep and enjoy tinkering to look down on it but it is better than the coffee chain espresso with little fuss.

One thing about it is the wide variety of pods will give you a different experience per pod flavor. If you don't like the taste or mouth feel you may just need a different pod. Some pods are vastly different from each other.

There are also adjustments on most Nespresso machines to change the output and brew temperature. So again if it seems watery or over/underextracted there is something you can do, and once it is dialed in it's going to be as easy as popping the pod each time.


#22: Post by ToM4 »

Honnestly I don't like Nespresso for several reasons :

- they sell coffee at the price of gold. They must be so ashamed of thir prices that they give the price for 100g on their website. 82 euors a kilo? seriously. That's the price of and some excellent beans.
- They still use tons of aluminum
- there economic model is tpically the opposit of what coffe geeks are supposed to like or like : repairable machines, choice of really good coffee.
Ionce had one in my office for practicle reasons. The best pods I found appart from Nespresso were Vergnano ones + there were eco friendly.
We now have a Lavazza pod machine. Pods must be expensive too but I don't pay for them so I don't care and must admit the coffee is surprisingly decent. Strong, italian style though not very delicate.
If you are bored with manual espresso machines and grindres why not try a all automatic one (don't kill me people). I owned one for a long time and Delonghis are rather good. The coffee is very decent and one can chose any coffee he likes. (again don't kill me). I nkow taht if I was to give up all manual coffee making I would probably go for one again.