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Warning... no previous experience with the machine but some pretty reputable coffee youtubers in Korea thought these were good for what it does... and this brand of instant coffee is what I take with me when I go backpacking. (No, I am too much of weight weenie for carrying something larger for backpacking).
Looks like 2 machine in their line up.
The reviewer mentioned that it taste like Cafe coffee if you use 2 pods... (each pod has double the Nespresso bean... think around 9g...) so it makes sense it will be suitable single shot or double shot machine if you use 2 pods.
Also, unlike other pod machine, the machine has different water stream for making Americano or Cold Americano, which certainly helps with clean cup tasting instead of overextraction typical when you run Americano cycle on other pod machines.
It does make sense but I never tried.
I just thought something like this might be of interest.

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Dejan.....I think a Profitec Pro 600 is very capable of making you some good espresso. What is the grinder that you use with it?

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Randy G.

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Espresso has two ingredients- coffee and water. It is created in a very narrow range of parameters of pressure, flow rate, temperature. Information concerning just the quality of the grind and your preparation of the ground coffee in the portafilter from this forum alone would fill volumes. For the very small amount of time it takes to make an espresso in the kitchen and how critical the parameters are, I do not think there is another food product so demanding. It is not cooking- it is science.
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Moka 1 Cup

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This may make it to 'Quotable Quotes' :D .
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Picked this little redmachine up for 350 euros and two packages of stroopwafels.
The shots it makes are the best I've had from any espressomachine that I have ever owned.


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I don't want to 'yuck anyone's yum' but. . . Nespresso is trash. Perhaps 'Espressoid' is a more accurate name. It doesn't feel/taste like real espresso. It seems very popular among a certain branch of my extended family. I want to grab them by the collars and tell them this but. . . . family, right? So I vent here. I have a friend who has crossed the bridge from Nespresso to real espresso and is happy.

Similarly I have a couple of friends with high end (Jura and Miele) bean to cup machines. Again I can't say much to them but. . .the product is espresso it is just always very 'meh.' My friend using supermarket bulk beans gets a better shot out of her Breville Barista Express.

I won't take Nespresso if offered by my cousins I will take from a bean to cup.


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While I post things here to strongly encourage folks who wish to do espresso on a budget (and excellent espresso can indeed be had in home even on a tight budget, despite the beliefs of most here), I am no evangelist. If the OP cannot hack home espresso, he really ought give it up and not look back. There are plenty of other ways to obtain/make a good cup of coffee.

As for Nespresso, I'm not a fan. However, I drink it when at my Dad's home because that's what he serves.


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my 2c, fwiw...
I tend to agree that Nespresso isn't the way to go. It's expensive, and doesn't allow much playing around. A decent bean to cup at least allows you to try different nice fresh beans, play with grind size and amount of water and coffee. It isn't espresso, but easy, consistent, and drinkable. I have several friends who tried Nespresso, almost all ended up with superautos.
If you want more manual, a mocha pot, or even plunger can allow several parameter changes to find what you like, or close to it. With both I would have at least a scale and a good grinder as minimum required equipment.
It does very much depend on what you're willing to settle for in terms of taste type, though.


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The only good thing about Nespresso is that about 7 years ago the cost of the pods helped me rationalize getting a real machine and grinder. "The E61's not expensive -- it's a money saving investment!" But as a drink, Nespresso is pretty meh.


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I think the OP should look at the Spin. It'll do it all at an acceptable level of quality ( for his described criteria) and then delete the HB link. There are several current reviews on YouTube for your consideration.