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Ridgeless. nuff said :D


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HotLava wrote:I have the BDB as well, 920xl. Would you recommend the 18g ridgeless as the first precision to try over stock?

So sorry for the late response, as I haven't been online recently. In my opinion; an 18g ridgeless VST is an ideal precision basket to try. It's my go-to. Other than that, perhaps a larger, 20 or 22g for bigger milk drinks if you do that sort of thing. One piece of advice that really stuck with me is "only increase or decrease your dose to make more or less coffee". That is to say; you can play and fine tune the taste of your espresso with just about any basket. Increasing or decreasing your basket size, and therefor dose size, should really be for simply increasing or decreasing your yield while maintaining similar flavour, body, etc.

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I just swapped out the stock 18 for the VST 18. I did not get great results. I will keep at it.

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VSTs are not easy to use. Compare the pattern of holes. It's got more of them. Grind finer and see what happens.
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I pulled an additional 3 shots on the VST basket and an additional shot on the Breville basket. Here are the results.

1. 18/37.1 in 35 seconds. Grind #5. Was a little watery and bitter

2. 18/36.4 in 39 seconds. Grind #6. Using a lighter tamp with the manual tamper. Much brighter and fruitier.

3. 18.2/37.2 in 27 seconds. Had some sputtering from the funnel (I don't have an open portafilter). Never had that before. Less bitter and a little more acidic and fruity. Lighter tamp with the 30lb tamper.

4. 18.2/37 in 28 seconds on the Breville 18g basket. Balanced and fruity good color ok body. Not chocolatey like yesterday morning.

Overall the stock basket was more consistent. Additionally the coffee is at 2 weeks off roast. Not sure between the new basket, aging coffee what the difference was. My routine was mostly consistent unless I purposely changed tamp pressure. Possible the grinder is spitting out inconsistent grinds as well. Will see what tomorrow brings. I'll be breaking in a new coffee to me. People's liberation from social coffee in Canada.