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#11: Post by expy98 »

Sorry but I'm gonna have to retract or at least revise a lot of what I've posted about
the Jr DB steaming power... My machine was having issues and I didn't realize it...

Now for my excuse first - lately I've been making a lot of hot chocolate for the kids
using cocoa powder. At first I'd get tons of clumping until I figured out that if I warm
the milk a little, then the cocao powder and sugar will dissolve nicely before steaming.

I've since noticed that my microfoam isn't so micro anymore, instead very runny.
I just thought that maybe it's the milk as sometimes a new gallon of the same brand
just doesn't cooperate. But it's been going on all winter long.

I'd never really timed the steaming but it did seem to be progressively slower until
I timed it last week at 90 secs to bring 6oz to 140F. That seems like forever and
the milk never got rolling at all.

So today, I took out the steam tip and noticed that the holes were partially blocked with
black residue. Then it dawned on me that it's the cocoa powder that's been building up
slowly (in the past, I've removed the tip many times but there was never any buildup).

Cleared it w/ a needle and now...

I put 6oz of water in the freezer to bring it down to 40F, it takes 30 secs to go
from 40F to 140F and the rolling action is ultra powerful like I remember it.
Milk is typically about 50F from the fridge so it should go even faster.

I sure hope that the erroneous info I'd posted before hasn't done any damage yet
and it's not too late for prospective buyers of the Jr DB.

My apologies...

As I've updated on the other thread, I'm waiting for a washer for the new probe before
I can install the PID. I might get it today.


#12: Post by rennix »

Sir Anselm: Thanks for the "tip" about the Isomac tip. It works much easier for my small steaming pitchers. Finding a fitting o-ring was tricky but I finally found one that doesn't leak.

I tried leaving both boilers on and turning up the temp on the brew boiler but it the temp knob gets so hot I can't touch it.

There has been no help from anyone in the U.S. or Italy about this issue with Junior.