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#11: Post by dominiquetu »

As an owner of a Versalab M3/4 and Ultra Grinder, I will keep the Versalab if I can only keep one grinder. Mainly the workflow and also excellent quality for both pour-over and espresso.

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#12: Post by ShotClock »

Dominique - What is the workflow like for pour-over? Is it as good as with espresso? Are there any problems with switching back and forth between espresso and pour-over?

This could be an interesting choice for me for a dual-purpose grinder...


#13: Post by ethiopianbuffman »

Compared to the ultra, this thing is a lawn mower. It is as loud as the df64 with SSPs but not as loud as a KR804.

I sold my M3 and regretted it a few months later so much so I bought another M3. I didn't enjoy the the workflow as much because it wouldn't hold the BDB portafilter well and you had to be aware of popcorning and stalling, but the espresso was divine especially for the med-dark to dark.

I will have to put it against my current set of grinders and see if it still stands out