Variable Speed Conical Grinder (50-350+ RPM)

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Hello Fellow HBs,

I don't believe my ideal grinder has been created yet, but if it has I'd love to know about it :)
I'm looking for a conical burr with variable speed 50-350+ RPM.
RPM down to 50 to get more clarity and up to 350+ to create more texture.
I thought the Weber Key was going to be it, but I'm concerned about it's long-term alignment and it doesn't appear to rotate more than 150 RPM to produce thick enough shots for my palate.
I think my ideal would be something along the lines of the MC5 with a variable speed 50-350+ motor and more affordable :)
I have a Pharos v1 and a DF64 with SSP HU burrs, but neither are able to accomplish what I want:

-Pharos produces great body, but taste is off - too wobbly due to much use over the last 10 years creating too many fines, and workflow has gotten really old. It did, however, help me fall in love with espresso.

-DF64 SSP HU has better flavor than Pharos, but the shot texture is more silky than thick and retains too many grounds.

For years I've thought about getting the Niche, but it feels like giving up. I've also thought about getting the Versalab, Sette 270, Lagom Mini, SD40, MC5 but haven't as I've been holding out thinking that someone has to be coming out with a reasonably priced (or not), single dose, permanently aligned, zero retention, easy workflow, 50-350+ RPM, conical grinder.
I really only use it for espresso, and would like to be able to tweak the spectrum of light to medium roasts to straddle the line between excellent flavor separation and the thickest shot known to man.
In short, I'm in search of a life-long mate for my Salvatore Compact Lever :)
If you know of something on the horizon that scratches my incredible itch, or if you know of something currently available that I have somehow overlooked, I'd love to hear about it.
Thanks, Spro Fam!
Here's a link to my YouTube if you want to see my Salvatore in action:


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Perhaps not what you're looking for, but a Goat Story Arco runs at 360RPM in the dock and then you can grind at your desired pace by hand.

The 'lab sweet' SSP burrs do quite well with both light and dark roasts in my experience, with nice body. Quite different, but worth considering if you haven't given up on the DF64. For me at least those burrs made the Niche obsolete in my kitchen 8)

Ben Z.

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You can always buy a three phase robur and then just add a cheap vfd.

jelliott777 (original poster)

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Bummer. Thank you for your suggestions.
I didn't think my ideal grinder existed, but I was hoping I missed it somehow.
I'll keep my eyes open :)