Varia VS3 vs Lagom Mini or go with flat burr grinder?

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Brand new around here and being my first post, apologies in advance for anything annoying.

I've been into coffee only for a few months and found myself becoming more and more an enthusiast, and my wallet has seen some damage, but I'm looking to hurt it more lol.

I have a Breville Bambino, Urbanic 080 grinder, and Timemore chestnut c2 slim. I do about 70% espresso, and 30% pour overs. I've been using the Bambino and Urbanic as my main (my only lol) espresso workhorse and have been getting some great results for my skill set. I only use the hand grinder for pour overs. However, being that my gear is all black, I decided to make a switch toward an all white and or silver themed setup. This means I could either buy the same setup in white, or I use this as an opportunity to upgrade.

I recently found out about the Varia VS3 as it comes in a very nice matte white, and the Lagom Mini is a nice silver and direct competitor to the VS3. Their price is about $100-120 difference, but it's not a huge factor for me there as I'm more concerned about what's best for my use cases.

Kyle Roswell recently did a comparison with the Varia Vs3 and Lagom Mini
but didn't truly address the espresso side of things. Of course I know these are conical grinders designed for pour overs, but I'm hoping to get away with either or both of them for a daily espresso shot, maybe 2 a day occasionally. I don't really grind light roasts, but if I did I think I wouldn't be looking at these for light roast.

I know I might have to keep the Urbanic for espresso and could add in the varia or lagom as a pourover grinder, but the Urbanic wouldn't match the setup lol. I'm looking to replace it ultimately. My goal/endgame grinder would be the Lagom P64, so if it seems better to just bite the bullet and get that instead of the Mini or Varia, then I might have to do it.

Does anyone have any first hand or more experience with the Varia Vs3 especially compared to Lagom Mini? Or experience with using Lagom Mini strictly for espresso daily?