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Does anyone have and experience with this hand grinder? ... nd-grinder

I'm shopping for a moderately priced hand grinder for pour-over exclusively.


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I own one as my travel grinder, these are perfectly fine for filter coffee on a strict budget or as a travel grinder.

Varia uses a well known 38mm burrset, the same you find in so many other entry level hand grinders such as most Timemore Lower end grinders, VSSL, 1zpresso Q2, I also believe Helor/Option-O uses the same burr set.

Very easy to use, easy to assemble, clean etc.

Obviously you can get better grinders, I owned a few but unless you do espresso (it can barely do it) I'm far from convinced paying twice the amount is money well spent, I could hardly see any difference in particle distribution with the others and the taste is perhaps a little less clean but that is simply because of the burrs as Hoffmann stated if you own one there is little reason to upgrade from a taste perspective.

It's by far the best build I seen at this price range it easily equal that of more expensive grinders. To get something better you have to pay 160% more at the bare minimum and easily twice the amount.

All that said if I where to use one daily, I would probably go with one with bigger burrs like the 1Zpresso JX just to cut down grinding time. For my usage where it's used mainly as a travel/hiking grinder its combination of seize, weight, price is very attractive, just like the Normcore also look to be.

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Cheers, appreciate the feedback!