Value of used Breville Dual Boiler BES920

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I am looking for a used BDB in good condition and wanted some opinions. I found a 920 on Marketplace that they said was bought in December 2021. When I asked about water they said they used bottled water.

They initially wanted $1000 but after negotiations they would not go lower than $900. My question is would two years running unknown water be worth $900? I have no reservations opening it up and replacing o-rings but I would rather avoid dealing with scale. How would you folks view a 920 that potentially had scale? Is that something to walk away from?

Informed opinions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Never owned a Breville but there's a lot of good endorsements for them.

The model you're looking at is about $1700USD retail. If it's in good running condition $900 is not a bad price.

It depends on what you're looking for. For espresso extraction capability, spec wise, I think it's a good machine.

Two years is not a long time. Unless really hard water was used the build up should be ok to descale. If the machine is in running condition it's worth a look.

I'd be curious to know what maintenance and extraction experience the owners had. If the machine was well maintained and the owners extracted good espresso with it then it's worth considering. If you're able to test drive the machine with your own roast and grind it could help with the decision. Otherwise I think the decision would be based on how well you can determine what the machine's condition is in.

It's a gamble but in my limited experience most people are honest. Best is to do a lot of pros and cons research and ask specific operation questions.
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It may be worth asking the seller about the specific purchase date and vendor. Some BDB retailers offer two year warranties. If there is time left you could buy the machine and then if you immediately spot trouble, you can submit your own warranty claim with Breville before the two years is up. I recently bought a used but in-warranty BDB that turned out to have been internally ravaged by steam leaks, rust, and scale. Breville honored the warranty and sent me a new one. They also gave me the $200 coupon for Breville's Beanz website, which you can factor into the net purchase cost if their bean selection appeals to you.

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That's a good idea about the warranty, they said December 2 years ago so it would be pretty down to the wire.