Used Quickmill Vetrano 2B vs. Rocket R58

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#1: Post by Luvlatte34 »

Hi there,

I'm hesitating between 2 machines I found on Craiglist. I currently own a vibe pump machine but wish to upgrade to the Rotary pump - and to a machine that offer better repair capability. I make milk drink about 10% of the time, and rarely make a drink for more than 2 people at the same time. Those prices are in Cnd$.

Quick Mill 2b Vetrano: 2,200$

+ Bought in 2019, still has a couple month of warranty.
+ Bigger boiler for the group head
+ PID integrated and shot timer
- Only 2 stores that are authorized retailer in my area (if customer support/repair is needed)

Rocket R58: 2,500$

- Bought in 2016
- Smaller group head boiler, but bigger steamer boiler and Wattage is more powerful
+ Rocket has a better names, lots of support and store repairing these machines
+ better resale value

Which one would you pick guys? I've done some reading this morning, and it appears both would be fine. Some prefer SS boiler vs brass, but it seems to mainly boils down to Rocket vs QM and is the name and retailer network worth 300$ more for an older machine.

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#2: Post by tinman143 »

Your needs don't warrant spending that much to begin with. That said if I was forced to buy one or the other the QM would be my choice.

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#3: Post by baristainzmking » replying to tinman143 »

+1. if I were deciding between the two machines, I would definitely go for the QM. it is a newer machine with a bit of warranty still left on it. It is newer and a better price. First thing, I would go and see both machines. Look at it and maybe take a peek under the hood. It is a lot of money and you want to spend it wisely.

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#4: Post by slipchuck »

+1 with the quickmill

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#5: Post by Luvlatte34 »

tinman143 wrote:Your needs don't warrant spending that much to begin with. That said if I was forced to buy one or the other the QM would be my choice.
Actually it does since I'm moving out and leaving my machine to my dad as a ''gift''


#6: Post by DavidG1980 »

I would go with the Vetrano without a doubt, i bought one two months ago and it's fantastic. The shot timer is very important and once you get used to it there is no way back. I personally hate the steam and hot water wands on the R58, the ones on the Vetrano are very convenient and the new knobs feel very robust and durable. One more bonus: the new Vetrano comes with stainless steel boilers vs the copper/brass ones in the R58.


#7: Post by Luvlatte34 »

Soo.. even thought I had sent a deposit for the Vetrano. The seller decided to refund my deposit and ''sell it to his son''. In the mean time, the R58 got tentative sold too... F me! lol

Back to drawing board, thinking about new machine.. I don't want to plumb back (at least for now), but I like the quiet sound of the rotary pump.

So, if I go Rocket, we're talking the Gioto Chronometro Evo R (Single boiler) at 2,850$ because the R58 (dual boiler) is, IMO, not worth the extra 1,100$.

or if I go Quick Mill, its hard choosing between the QM Aquila 3,000$ or the Vetrano for 3,500$. Or if I decide to skip on the rotary pump, then the QM67 at 2,800 (vibe pump + Dual boiler) is sure interesting.

I feel like if I decide on single boiler, than its a Giotto since its cheaper than the QM. If I do dual boiler, then its between the Vetrano or the QM67 (700 is a lot just for a rotary pump. am I missing something else?)

P.S: Before tossing any other brands, I don't consider myself handy and I don't want to repair a machine myself. Therefore, I need to go with brand names that has established customer support network in my area. And unfortunately, that limits me to about QM and Rocket. I saw a bit of Lelit, but that was minimal...

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#8: Post by slipchuck »

I would choose QM67 at 2,800$
Double boiler. I think you will find most vibration pumps are not that loud. They are cheap to replace... 50-75$ once every 5-10 years

Good luck!

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#9: Post by Jeff »

I convinced my kids to buy a used QM67. It seemed like a solid, easy to use machine while I had it at home.

Going new opens up many other options as well.


#10: Post by jgood »

For what it's worth -- I have a different QM as it's been trouble free for 2 1/2 years. If I were doing it today I'd get either QM DB model.