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Hi everyone,

I joined this forum so I could ask your advice, thanks in advance for your answers!

Looking at buying this machine. It would be my first good machine. Seller's notes:
The machine was regularly descaled and backflushed, but recently the group head stopped working. I replaced the pump (I have an extra I can include) and disassembled and cleaned the entire group head. The machine comes up to temperature and pressure perfectly and water flows perfectly from the hot water and steam wand. Since the only issue is water won't pass out of the group head, there must be a clog between the tank and the group head. I think it will just take removing the pipes and cleaning them well.
Any thoughts? I think I can pick it up for $200, but don't want to buy it if I can't get it to work...

Thanks again!


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It could be a clog in the grouphead, or it could be you need to replace the three way solenoid. You might be able to get some advice from the importer, grimac royal falcon in new jersey. They were very helpful with my grimac mini, which is essentially the same machine.

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I would buy it for $200. It will either be an investment in learning, a fantastic deal, or both.
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And yes, $200 is definitely the right price. In all likelihood you will need to spend another $100-200 on it, but should end up with a great home machine for a fraction of the price of a new e61. Unlikely to be an issue with "the pipes" between the boiler and the grouphead that ma hine does not have any places where the water could be blocked. There is a small gicleur on the three way solenoid that may be clogged, and one at the top of the grouphead, but the owner said they cleaned that

JP303 (original poster)

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Thank you guys for the replies! The seller ended up getting rid of it before I could get my hands on it but I will keep searching.