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Have an opportunity to pick up a non working La Cimbali M32 Bistro for 350. Don't know much else yet.
Any thoughts on the machine itself or specific things to check?

Swanny63 (original poster)

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Advice welcome too lol

Team HB

#3: Post by ira »

If it's not currently in use, make sure if it was stored in a garage that the water was drained as freezing water tends to destroy espresso machines. And if possible, plug it in and make sure the pump runs to fill the boiler and that the heaters work. Past that it's mostly seals and maintenance stuff.

There's a bit of information here: La Cimbali M32 Bistro arrives

Swanny63 (original poster)

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Owner said it powers on but doesnt work and doesnt know whats the problem. I might pass on this one

Team HB

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If you can get to it, see if it's something simple like a over temp thermostat popped out. Lots of machines like that turn out to be really simple problems, but some backstory would be good if you can get it.