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I do agree with you guijan, however, I went today to take a look at the machine as the pressure gauge doesn't sit straight on the head. I told the guy that I had done the research and found that the price was a bit high, so I asked for a lower price, or to maybe include the extras in the price, but then he just got upset at me for trying to bring the price down.

After his rant at me, he even said that he adds 30%-40% to his products as people are getting piece of mind. I'm sorry, but 30%-40% extra is a hefty price for 'piece of mind'.

I as well went around today to different shops, and every person I spoke to said that the price is high. So I think I might adjust my budget and try go for something new...looking at the NS Musica with a Eureka Mingion grinder. It's an extra $700, but at least I am getting new and a 1 year warranty.

Still looking though for other opportunities.


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Well that seems like a reasonable decision, and of course if he wasn't able to come down on price and got angry as well. Not a great sign.

The only reason I ended up with that machine was the price ($140 before parts, about $300 including parts). As I said, I like the machine, and feel very comfortable with taking care of any part failure that I might anticipate.

It is sort of like a Volvo 240. Plenty of space to work in, and all of the mechanics make sense and are easy to get to.

However, you should have lots of other similar machines to choose from. Maybe you can even find a Grimac private sale.

Ar any rate good luck!

Oh, and make sure you get a capable grinder! 65mm or larger if flat burrs, and stepless.

Otherwise, no matter the espresso machine you will be unhappy!

I have heard good things about the eureka mignon, though I know the burrs are smaller (50 or 55?). Their precision is good and the stepless adjustment on their range of grinders is effective.

kevin1046 (original poster)

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Yea, I feel it was. Just didn't feel comfortable with that price. I want to be happy with my decision, so need to feel comfortable about it.

Unfortunately finding a good second hand espresso machine in South Africa is super difficult! Not many to begin with, and when they become available they get snatched up pretty quick. I do see there is someone selling a La Marzocco mini with a grinder and the whole setup, though it is unfortunately WAY past my budget, so have to give that a miss. When it comes to new machines we as well don't have the range you guys have overseas, so choice is limited.

Yea, depending on which one you get, they range from 50mm to 55mm.

Thanks for all your input though Carl, really helped me.