Used Baratza Sette 270w, should I buy it?

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#1: Post by Chaplain »

Local classifieds has a few months old Sette 270w up for grabs for $400. I spoke to owner and its in new shape still has box and any accessories that came with. All felt legit.

Should I or shouldn't I? I really am trying to hold out for Fellows espresso version of the Ode, but that could be a year out. Or save for a Eureka Mignon single dose. Other options?


#2: Post by tennisman03110 »

Do you really need and plan on using the grind by weight feature? Is that vital to you?

I have a standard Sette 270 -- it's loud. I like everything else about it. I single dose with the standard hopper.

My point being, I'd recommend the Sette 270 at it's price point. However, you can get a new one for cheaper, grind by time only (I just set mine to 6 seconds).

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#3: Post by Nunas »

If it's really a 270W, pass it by. If it's a 270Wi, then consider it. Baratza as made myriad changes to the Settes over the years, and a W-model will lack most of them.

Chaplain (original poster)

#4: Post by Chaplain (original poster) »

Its just a W

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#5: Post by Nunas » replying to Chaplain »

Something is likely not right then. How could it be only "a few months old" and be a W version, which as far as I know is a discontinued version of the 270.


#6: Post by boren »

The original 270W has bad reputation. If it's in good working condition and *at most* half the price of a new 270Wi then it might be worth considering. Otherwise, stay away.

Chaplain (original poster)

#7: Post by Chaplain (original poster) »

Thanks for the reply. This will be my first legit espresso grinder. Think I'm going to wait for another deal or that Eureka Mignon single does looks real interesting.

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#8: Post by Nunas »

If you like the Sette grinders, and there's a lot to like in the cup for the price, check out Baratza's refurbished offers that pop up from time to time. Also, some vendors discount returns, open box items and demos. The Sette grinders are often returned simply because folks don't like the noise they make. Although I now have a flat burrs 64 mm grinder as my daily driver, my 270Wi is in the drawer "just in case". BTW, as the previous poster mentioned, if you can get a 270W at a very low price, it might still be worth it, albeit involving a bit of bother. It is possible to swap out the control panel for a Wi panel and upgrade a few other items. You may even be able to send it in to Baratza to have them recondition it and still come out a bit ahead. One of the good things about the Baratza grinders is that the parts are readily available and not particularly expensive, compared to other grinders. If you're good at DIY, you could keep one going for many years.


#9: Post by cmin »

I would avoid the Sette period, I went through 4, just pos. And buddy went through 3 lol. 1st commited seppuku like 5 min after setting up when they launched. 2nd never ground right and they kept sending I don't know how many different macro and micro pieces, I think burr carrier, they took that back and sent another and same issues and they determined the burr assembly somehow ate itself causing wack tolerances. 3rd never ground right either, and damn near rebuilt that thing with pieces they kept sending including the motor and gearbox, upper or lower burr or maybe whole assembly can't remember, macro and micro and felt this and felt that and than one morning it just screamed and stripped itself (gearbox self destructed). They swapped me for another Vario. I still have one Vario around from 2011 that works perfectly, and was way better than the Settes anyway let alone my other grinders. Even my old Preciso back in the day was more reliable and those had very fragile burr carriers and micro adjustment that would have to be replaced 1-2x a year.

But buddy went through 3 Settes as well. One of the reps at Baratza told me they take these grinders in (Settes) like 24/7 far over their other grinders. Leads me to believe they are just cheap pos, and just cheap in general hence why Baratza could just keep swapping them 24/7 for owners or sending parts out non stop.