Upgrading: La Marzocco Linea Mini vs. Victoria Arduino Prima

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by stm »

Hi coffee lovers! :D

I've been using a Nuova Simonelli Oscar II for almost 2 years now. It's a great coffee machine, but sadly a bit inconsistent when it comes to pressure or temperature. I'd like to upgrade to an amazing prosumer machine and was thinking of the La marzocco linea mini or Victoria Arduino Prima.

I mostly drink double espressos and have a preference for light roast coffee.

The two machines are sold for almost the same price in my country so the price isn't a key differentiator.

Has anyone tried both? Any big difference between the two?

What would you recommend?

Thank you for the help!

ps: I have a Eureka mignon specialita grinder

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#2: Post by lessthanjoey »

There's a lot of info around here. If you're going for light roasts you definitely want a machine with programmable preinfusion, and probably also with flow control.

Have you looked at the Decent DE1? It's the most capable and arguably the most stable/repeatable machine around. If you look through the other recommendation threads you'll find great answers to similar questions from Jeff.

That'll save you quite a bit of money that could then be put toward a grinder upgrade as well, which is arguably going to make a pretty big difference by itself.

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#3: Post by nameisjoey »

If you like light roast I would think a decent would be better than both of those with the incredible pre-infusion and adjustability.

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MTN Gert

#4: Post by MTN Gert »

I have used a LM mini before but I have the prima pre-ordered. The decision came down to a few factors. First off my wife and myself much prefer the aesthetics of the Prima which becomes very important in this price range for some reason. Both the LM and VA have their US headquarters in WA state where I live and Siminelli/ Arduino was more than happy to talk my ear off about their product while I could not get a call back from La Marzocco. The LM mini is more expensive if you plan to plumb it in because you have to purchase the kit for $300. Steaming milk on the LM mini was as close to commercial as I have used on a home machine but I have not tried the Prima to compare. I feel pressure profiling might be a bit over rated when their are so many more important factors like the grinder and both machines can do a great job on light roasts. The DE1 may be a good choice too but it seems to still have some growing pains to work out to get it as reliable as the more commercial brands. I personally prefer more simple and robust technology. I can update once my prima arrives this month.
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#5: Post by arcus »

I hadn't noticed the Prima announcements until now and I've since read a bit about it. IMO, this may be the most logical competitor for those looking at the LMLM. My wife and I still prefer the look of the Mini but the Prima is certainly a nice looking machine and I could see why someone would prefer it over the Mini. It appears to be a well thought out and built machine so I look forward to the reviews.

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#6: Post by baldheadracing »

I saw the Eagle One Prima in person yesterday at a shop in Toronto.

I was surprised by the machine's size. The machine is larger than it looks in pictures and video. Much larger. There was an Elektra Verve beside it and the Verve looked small - and the Verve seems a bit larger than your typical chrome E-61 box. For the OP, an Oscar II looks like a child's toy version of an espresso machine in comparison to the Eagle One.

The design/proportions are very appealing. Either the black or white would be a stunner in today's large open kitchen aesthetic ... not sure about the chrome version. The black is a bit more imposing - I'd prefer the white in a lighter-coloured area, the black in darker backgrounds. Just try to choose a location where the whole machine can be seen - including the back. The subtle lighting for the back highlights the design well.
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MTN Gert

#7: Post by MTN Gert »

I just got a tracking update that my Prima has shipped. Hopefully by mid next week I will have some real personal reviews and insights
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stm (original poster)

#8: Post by stm (original poster) »

Awesome MTN Gert! Let me know how it compares to the Linea Mini! :D :D

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#9: Post by nordics_please »

Looking forward to hearing more about your E1 Prima Dave. Especially the app functionality, specifically what its capabilities are for PI/FP. Keep us posted!

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MTN Gert

#10: Post by MTN Gert »

Hey Nordics what is FP? I'm guessing PI is pre infusion. I will try out the app but to be honest I am much more of mechanical machine geek. I might have ended up with a Profitec Pro 800 lever machine if the wife wasn't horrified by the idea for some reason. Poor me ending up with a E1P instead :x
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