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erik82 wrote:I saw you chose to go with the Strietman. Nice choice and it's good to also order the funnel as you'll need it with the 49mm filterbaskets and every grinder being oriented towards 58mm. Now it's time to pair it was a good grinder.

And if it's your first real espresso machine and lever I advice you to go through the whole CT2 thread so that you understand what to keep into account compared to other espresso machines like not keeping it on for multiple hours without refilling or else it'll run dry. And to get an understanding about who the machine works in general.
Yes! Ordered the Strietman CT2. Trying to figure our which grinder I want. Most seem to clash with the aesthetics of the Streitman. :(

I have a very large kitchen with wide open counter spaces, no overhead cabinets. So whatever is on the counter becomes the center of attention and needs to look good.

Yes, I read through the whole Streitman CT2 thread. I decided to hold off on the Streitman funnel as I may prefer the Sworksdesign magnetic funnel. I am still trying to picture my work flow. I think I may prefer a grinder with a hopper that auto dispenses the proper amount instead of adding weighing coffee before putting into single dose grinder. Grinder budget is $1,500-2,000. Actually I may just post in the Streitman CT2 thread to get a feel of what people there are using.


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Have a look at the Orphan Espresso Ipanema funnel. I have the OE an Strietman funnel and both work well but the Strietman funnel is indeed a bit low but it does work well.

For a grinder just start a new topic. A Eureka Atom 75 is a nice grinder to pair it with. There aren't any grinder that have the same design or even come close to the Strietman.