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luvmy40 wrote: The easy, water knob modification does not control the flow in exactly the same, way as the full "Slayer Mod". What it does is open the window of operation when using the stock set up to shunt excess flow to the hot water spigot for flow control. OTB, the BDB has "some" inherent flow control capability before the water valve knob actuates the micro switch to shunt the brew water to the spigot instead of the group head. How much seems to be random, probably depending on who installed the water valve knob. By repositioning the outer knob, you get as much control as you would ever need and still have use of the spigot if you open the valve all the way. The excess water debit can either be dumped in the drain pan, or collected and returned to the reservoir.
Got it-so the needle valve is, from a water-flow perspective, already "before" both the group head and the hot water spigot, and as long as you don't also trigger the electronics that manage the solenoid between them, adjusting it can adjust the standard infusion flow?


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Close enough!

The water valve is actually between the brew solenoid and the spigot. The brew pump sends pressurized flow to the brew solenoid AND the water valve simultaneously. Opening the valve with out actuating the switch diverts a portion of the brew water to the spigot thereby decreasing flow to the group head. I's not linear, but with a little practice you can achieve pretty good control. Once the switch is activated, flow to the group head is shut off.

The same switch is what activates the brew pump to dispense hot water, so adjusting the knob position just means the valve has to be opened further to get hot water from the spigot when not brewing. The first flow control mod talked about, years ago, was simply removing the switch from it's mount. This allowed for flow control through the whole rage of the needle valve, but disabled the use of the spigot when not brewing.

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Ah-so the extra flow goes through the spigot and ends up in the drip tray?


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Yes, or you collect it and return it to the reservoir.