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#1: Post by Maco »

Hi all,

I currently have a Sage Barista Express but I'm looking for 'the next step' / an upgrade. The coffee I get from this machine is 'ok' but not what I would expect from a 700eu machine..
The AirBnb I had in Italy had a "maranello fiorano semi professional" which where pods but gave better coffee than my own machine imo.

I managed to get Sage Smart Grinder Pro for a couple of tenners as it was ordered by mistake by our company. Which seemed like a nice opportunity to sell the Sage Barista Express and look for something new.

What would you guys recommend getting as a step up? Or would that not be needed at all? I searched around a bit but it's a bit hard to search for things if I don't know where to start :p

Budget would be max 1000$ for a new machine