Upgraded La Marzocco Linea Mini or GS3

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I'm deeeeep in a worm hole. I'm close to doing the Rick Bond pump swap and going Linea, but between the kit, labor, and wood upgrades I'm approaching GS3 MP / Slayer prices. Is it really worth it? Is it a can of worms?

Second, if I'm going to spend that much from a resale point is it smart? I see mini's sell pretty much for what they are new. I see used Slayers going for a bigger drop. Does the GS3 MP hold its value the same as the mini and thus justify buying a factory warrantied machine that does variable pressure?

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BaristaBoy E61

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From a resale point of view too many questions loom large to the quality and effectiveness of the highly modified machine that would make it unattractive to most buyers that might be otherwise interested. I would step up to the commercially produced machine that incorporates the features that I would want and make cashing out a simpler venture.
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BigBabyLatte (original poster)

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Has anyone done the gear upgrade and had any issues?

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A couple of possibly meaningless points, the Mini is quite a bit smaller and has a lot less stuff in it that needs maintenance. Also a modified Mini uses a lot less water to accomplish flow control than a GS3 which might matter if you're not plumbing it in.