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erik82 wrote:Everything with big flat unimodal burrs so EK43, Nautilus, Kafatek MAX, LWW EG-1, Ditting LS807 etc.
You might want to add this one to the list.
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#12: Post by erik82 »

I left out all 64mm burr grinders as, in my eyes, they aren't an upgrade from the Atom 75. You really need 80mm or more for that last step in grind quality and 64mm just doesn't do that.

As the TS already has 75mm burrs that perform like 80mm burrs going back to 64mm won't be an upgrade. Those Mythos burrs are already great and due to the inner hole being smaller they have a bigger cutting surface more towards 80mm. And those burrs are also pretty good with lighter roasts as I found out owning a Eureka Olympus with the TiN Mythos burrs for over 3 years.