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Pretty sure you will love your BDB. I had excellent experiences with Breville machines (an Oracle and a Bambino Plus that I still have). Probably less exotic than a European made espresso machine but it will deliver what you paid for: excellent espresso and easy to use. Enjoy!

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baldheadracing wrote:Just a note for other Canadians - there's a third-party seller on Amazon.ca that has been selling BDB's for $1699.99 plus $36.83 delivery (to me). Those machines are used. Caveat Emptor.
That's one major problem with Amazon, you need to be careful who sells and who ships your item. Look for "ship and sold by Amazon". Otherwise, don't buy if you want a warranty.


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Are you selling the robot?
I am in Montreal and looking for one ;)

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Haha, no. I'll keep it. I really like the look of it so it will stay in the coffee bar as decor.

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I bet you will happily use it from time to time. Many people here that have other machines still use their robots too.